Masonic Home for Children at Oxford

The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford was founded by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina in 1858 as St. John's College. The College was established to "furnish all young men with as full and complete a collegiate education as can be obtained at any similar institution in the Union." Following the tribulations of the Civil War St. John's College closed its doors. However, in the difficult social and economic times that followed the conflict, a need arose to care for an unfortunately high number of orphaned children across the State. The College was reopened in 1873 as "an asylum for the protection, training and education of indigent orphan children."

Today the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford (MHCO) exists for one purpose — to help children who need a stable, caring and loving home. We do not replace a family — we provide. We teach, guide, nurture, and share, focusing on life both at and after MHCO, so we can help a child determine his or her own path for the future.Our state licensed and nationally accredited home uses a family-living model that provides our children with individual living spaces, essentials needed for daily living, support if they have special needs, and a promise for full development and learning, from infant to young adulthood.

The mission of MHCO is fulfilled through the support of charitable giving. It is also backed by almost a century and a half of faith, concern, and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of society and its children and families. A pre-placement visit allows families, guardians, or childcare advocates to explore all aspects of our care.

If you know of a child in need, please contact us.Is there anything more important than providing for a child? We’re here so children in need have a chance to make their own consequences — to change their lives and their future, which affects all of us.

Our Mission: The Masonic Home for Children assists families in need by providing a home-like setting together with community based programs and services for children to enhance its stable, supportive and nurturing living environment in order for children to reunite with their families or achieve independence.

Our Vision: The Masonic Home for Children is committed to providing a safe and nurturing home environment as well as necessary services through a professional and caring staff, for low to moderate risk children in need of an alternative living environment and for other child development services. The Home is committed to provide emotional, physical, spiritual and social development for children as well as family counseling, in furtherance of reunification with family. The Home will also take all necessary steps to ensure academic remediation, vocational and technical training assistance as well as social and living skills to encourage independent living and productive citizenship.

Statement of Quality: The Masonic Home for Children at Oxford strives to maintain a culture of constant performance and quality improvement which supports the mission and promotes an organization-wide standard of quality that is evidence-based and driven by safety, education and ethical, fiscal and legal responsibilities.

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