Certified Lecturers' Information

The importance of Certified Lecturers cannot be overstated. Within the Fraternity lecturers are the guardians of the ritual--the keepers of the work--protecting the initiatic rites of Freemasonry from innovation or deviation.

Below you will find a schedule of the Board of Custodians' meetings, Certified Lecturer examinations, and Lecture Service requirements. In the sub-tab "Forms and Links for Lecturers" at left and below "Certified Lecturers' Information," there are also several links to important information such as forms, applications, and reference materials, as well as historical information concerning the Masonic ritual and its keepers in North Carolina.

2022 Board of Custodians Schedule

Date Location Type of Meeting Time
January 14, 2022 Grand Lodge Office/Zoom Regular 10:00 AM

April 8, 2022 Grand Lodge Office/Zoom Regular 10:00 AM

July 8, 2022 Grand Lodge Office/Zoom Regular 10:00 AM

August 13, 2022

Greenville Masonic Center

Greensboro Masonic Temple

Annual CL Exams

9:00 AM

9:00 AM

August 20, 2022

St. John's Lodge No. 1 - Wilmington

Excelsior Lodge No. 261 - Charlotte

Annual CL Exams

9:00 AM

9:00 AM

August 27, 2022

Phoenix Lodge No. 8 - Fayetteville

Nichols-West Asheville Lodge No. 650 - Asheville

Annual CL Exams

9:00 AM

9:00 AM

September 29, 2022
Embassy Suites - Winston-Salem Regular 11:00 AM
September 30, 2022
Embassy Suites - Winston-SalemDDGL Meetings8:00 AM

*Modified Ritual Instruction Program for 2022: Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Board of Custodians, with the approval of the Grand Lecturer and Grand Master, are implementing a modified program to aid lodges maintain and improve their ritual competency. ALL LODGES must complete this program, regardless of year and lodge number, where up to three lodges may convene to complete the program. When your Lecture Service is complete remember to mail Form 38 to Tom Dolinger, Secretary of the Board of Custodians, and your District Deputy Grand Lecturer.

Tom Dolinger, Secretary, Board of Custodians
2224 Eagle Nesting Lane
Greensboro, NC 27407

Your District Deputy Grand Lecturer's contact information can be found in the Directory on M2.

Board of Custodians

Larry B. Thompson, Jr., Grand Master, P.M., Chairman, Ex Officio, Salisbury
J. Randolph "Randy" Browning, P.M., C.L., Grand Lecturer, Mount Gilead
Earl Wells, P.M., C.L., Chairman, Shallotte
Thomas P. Dolinger II, P.M., C.L., Secretary, Greensboro
Stephen M. McCraw, P.M., C.L., Assistant Secretary, Mt. Airy
Russell E. Jones, P.M., C.L., Jacksonville
Matthew W. Cockman, P.M., C.L., Graham
Christopher L. Wright, P.M., C.L., Past Grand Lecturer, Greensboro