Halifax Day 2022

On April 12th, 2022, the historic Town of Halifax, NC celebrated the 246th anniversary of the passing of the Halifax Resolves. The resolution made North Carolina the first of the US Colonies to enable its delegates at the Continental Congress to vote for independence from Great Britain. Grand Lodge officers and masons from across the state were in attendance. Various officers from revolutionary organizations were present in period dress and displayed their colors. A period actor offered a keynote of contextual remarks in character as John Penn (1740-1788), one of three signers of the US Declaration of Independence from North Carolina.

Joseph Montfort (c.1724-1776) governed the Provincial Grand Lodge from 1771-1776. His lodge, home, and final resting place are all in the town. He personally obtained a charter from the Grand Lodge of England for the Royal White Hart Lodge in 1767. He would go on to become the Grand Master of and for America as declared on a charter by the Premier Grand Lodge of England in 1771 and govern the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Carolina from Halifax. He was also the Provincial Treasurer for every county north of Lord Granville's line (the bottom straight lines of present day Rowan, Davidson, Randolph and Chatham Counties extended east and west).

Royal White Hart Lodge, No. 2 was open to the public for tours curated by its current Master and other officers. Many artifacts from various points across its history were on display. The site of Montfort's home was also open for self-guided tours, as the foundation had been excavated in the 1970s and various artifacts discovered. Montfort's grave also stands in front of the lodge. The Royal White Hart lodge building dates from the 1820s and is still in masonic use by the lodge today.