William R. Davie Academy

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The Appointed Lodge Officer

"The Appointed Lodge Officer" class is designed to assist Deacons, Stewards, and other Lodge Officers to understand what is required to effectively serve in each capacity. Also covered are items to consider as you advance through the chairs in your Lodge so that you can be better prepared in case you are asked to "skip a chair". All Lodge Officers not just Junior Officers will benefit from this program. Class will be held on Saturday, April 4, 2020 at the Greenville Masonic Temple, 1104 Charles St, Greenville, NC 27858 from 9am to 3pm."

This workshop will be held Saturday, April 4, 2020, 9am-3pm:
at the Greenville Masonic Temple, 1104 Charles Street, Greenville, NC 27858

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2020 Schedule

The William R. Davie Leadership Academy is a practical education on lodge management and leadership, with classes on Masonic history, traditions, and structure. Offered in your region, targeted to your needs and delivered by expert instructors.

To expand the scope of training for North Carolina’s emerging Masonic leaders, the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education developed the William R. Davie Leadership Academy. Named for the revolutionary war hero, diplomat, N.C. governor and grand master whose enlightened leadership placed our fraternity on a strong foundation in its early years, the Davie Academy delivers training that’s targeted to the needs of brethren at various stages of their Masonic development.

The Academy’s curriculum replaces the Wardens Bootcamp with day-long introductory, intermediate and advanced sessions. It offers to a broader range of members an opportunity to explore the Craft and improve themselves as Masonic leaders. Sessions are held monthly in various regions of the state, and instructors are experienced Masonic leaders specially trained to deliver coursework for maximum impact and efficiency.

The Davie Academy’s goals:

  • Making Masonic education inclusive, accessible and affordable;
  • Providing high quality and relevant education in Masonic leadership, management and traditions; and
  • Preparing you for leadership and at the lodge, district and state levels.

Updates for 2020!

The William R. Davie Leadership Academy was launched just over a three years ago. During this time many Brothers received leadership and Lodge operations training at multiple locations across North Carolina. WRDLA Staff reviewed and considered the observations of staff and instructors, and made slight adjustments to the program.

  • Moving from a four track program to two core programs, supplemented by five workshop programs.
  • The core programs are “The Appointed Lodge Officer” and “The Elected Lodge Officer” and are five hours each.
  • The workshops include “Finance & Budget,” “Everything You Need to Know (but were afraid to ask),” “The Art of Chairing a Lodge Meeting,” “Preparing for the East,” and “The District Officer/Grand Lodge Committeeman.” These workshops are three hours each.
  • Additional workshop topics are being considered and may be added.
  • Core programs will be held in each of the three areas (East, Central, West).
  • The workshops will be held in six locations simultaneously around the state.
  • All classes will be on the first Saturday of each month, with the exception of July and December.
  • Registration is encouraged via the education resources page on the NCGL website

Core classes are only $45 each and includes: lunch, materials, and certificate.

Workshops are only $10 each and includes: a certificate.

Special presentations may be offered for districts or lodges upon request and subject to instructor availability.

The Davie Academy replaces the Wardens Bootcamp. This new and more extensive program offers instructional options appropriate for a wide range of learners, from the youngest Master Mason to the senior lodge officer. The Davie Academy also makes advanced Masonic education more accessible by offering day-long programs across the state.

It does not replace Wilkerson College, an intensive leadership training program taking place over three weekends in Greensboro, Oxford, and Raleigh.

For more information email the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education at ncglcme@gmail.com