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Brother Campbell is a member of Blackmer Lodge No. 127. Brother Steven currently serves as one of NC’s Ambassadors for the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville’s Southern Police Institute. His U.S. Army stint included service in Southeast Asia and across the nation. In 2000 he concluded a three-decade career with the High Point Police Department, retiring as its senior Captain. Later, he would serve as a criminal justice consultant in North Carolina and Virginia. He is a member of numerous historical groups and travels throughout the Carolinas and Virginia presenting his history lecture series, “The Battlefield and Beyond.”

His programs include:

The Battlefield and Beyond: A Series of People, Places and Events of the Past

Washington at War: His military career began as a British Militia Officer. George Washington would lead our new nation to victory, establishing the United States.

The Will to Win & Conquering Adversity: Follow George Washington as a young Virginia Officer to the nation’s first Commander-in-Chief and his indomitable will to win.

Delivery Upon the Delaware: George Washington would lead the fledgling U. S. Army across the Delaware River into a battle which would “save our Revolution.”

GW ~ Man ~ Mason ~ Memorial: Learn how vision and instilled values guided the Father of our Country and how his memory is forever memorialized.

A Mason’s Martha: Whilst much is known of our first President, far too little is recalled of our nation’s “First Lady.” Learn about Martha Washington’s life.

GMW: An Enduring Union ~ George & Martha Washington: In 1759, a 40 year marriage between two British subjects would begin and together they would usher in the birth of a new Nation.

Memories of Montgomery: A brief report on one of America’s first Generals and the namesake of Montgomery County, NC.

Rebellious & Resolute: Learn about the role Freemasons played in Revolutionary NC.

A Field in Belgium: Escaping prison, Napoleon’s final reign would end at Waterloo.

A Mission in Texas: The time is 1836 - the place is Texas. “Remember the Alamo” and the men in this nation-building 19th century conflict.

Arlington at Rest: Arlington National Cemetery – a most hallowed American place – from its beginning until …..

A Frenzy at Fredericksburg: In 1862, hoping to crush the Confederate Army, U.S. forces launched assaults upon the entrenched foe atop Marye’s Heights.

Delivering & Receiving the Charge (A Broken Band of Brothers): In 1863 at a small Pennsylvania crossroads town, the fate of both the Union and the Confederacy hung in the balance.

The Roughest Rider Beyond the Big Stick: Born into wealth, a sickly Theodore Roosevelt lived life to its fullest - hunter, cowboy, lawman, cavalry leader and our youngest President.

Life & Times of William F. Cody ~ “Buffalo Bill”: William Frederick Cody’s feats as a scout, hunter and showman enamored the nation and the world.

The Human Factor & How Human Nature Impacts History: Witness how life altering experiences impact each of us through the examples presented in the lives of several well known Americans.

Reflections Through the Prism of History: An uplifting overview of our nation’s trials, tribulations, and the observations of others who came before us…

To Be a Peaceable Citizen: Thus, what are the priviledges and duties of being a citzen of the UNited States?

Each presentation is 30 – 50 minutes & may be complimented with a film clip.

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