Investigation Committee Checklist


Vetting potential Masonic petitioners is one of the most important jobs within the Masonic Fraternity. Freemasonry is open to all worthy men, but Freemasonry is not for every man.

Freemasonry is an institution that takes good men and makes them better.

Freemasonry IS NOT a rehabilitation facility. Freemasonry DOES NOT take wayward men and make them good. Our Spiritual Temple cannot be completed with fissured stone and poor quality cement.

This guide for Committees of Investigation will help committee members consider and weigh the various points of entrance that will determine whether a man is worthy of entry into the Masonic Order.

The text within these documents are guidelines and SHOULD NOT be read to a petitioner as a laundry list.

The points and questions within these documents should be kept in mind or worked into conversations during an interview with the petitioner to ascertain their interest and merit as potential candidates for the mysteries of Freemasonry.

Investigation Committee Checklist

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