Chapter 88

Official Forms


There shall be prescribed annually by the Grand Secretary an official receipt card for dues which shall be used by all lodges. One side of this card shall show the name of the brother to whom it is issued with one given name in full, not by initial, the name, number, and location of the lodge of which the brother is a member, and the date to which his dues are paid, and the date on which they were paid. On the other side there shall be the certificate of the Grand Secretary that the lodge of which the brother is a member is a regular lodge of the Grand Lodge, and this certificate shall be attested by a facsimile of the seal of the Grand Lodge and a facsimile signature of the Grand Secretary, both printed thereon and shall be substantially as follows:

(Official Forms are found in Appendix A)


Forms for annual returns of subordinate lodges and other reports to the Grand Lodge shall be prescribed from time to time by the Grand Secretary. The following forms are prescribed by the Grand Lodge and shall be used in this Grand Jurisdiction except when specifically authorized on the form to be changed, and even then, the form herein set forth shall be substantially followed.

1. A lodge name, number, and location may be printed on any form in this chapter which provides for, or lends itself to, that information.

2. The Grand Secretary, with the approval of the Board of General Purposes, shall have authority to make any necessary changes in any Official Form and to arrange any form in this chapter for printing.

(Official Forms are found in Appendix A)