Chapter 78

Restoration after Exclusion


A brother shall automatically be restored to membership, if within two years from the date of his exclusion

1. He pays the amount he owed at the time of his exclusion plus the amount of the dues for the current year, or

2. The lodge by a unanimous vote cancels the same or a part thereof, and

3. If such payment or cancellation shall make him clear on the books, and

4. If he shall not be at that time under any charges.

5. The restoration shall be as of the date of such payment or cancellation. This fact shall be entered on the record and on the minutes of the next stated communication. [74-6; 77-10; 77-5; 101-4].


If payment or cancellation of dues is not made in full within two years from the date of his exclusion, a brother who desires to restore his membership shall proceed as follows.

1. He shall pay in full to the lodge which excluded him the amount he owed at the time he was excluded unless the lodge cancels all or a part thereof by a unanimous vote as provided in Regulation 77-5. [78-4]

2. He shall apply to that lodge in writing for restoration on the form prescribed. [Official Form 26].

A. The application shall be forwarded to the Grand Secretary and referred to a Committee of Investigation whose report shall be filed before a ballot can be had thereon. The Grand Secretary shall order a criminal background check of the applicant, and information with respect to the petitioner as he may possess. [67-2; Official Form 26].

B. He shall personally sign the application, and it cannot be withdrawn unless he is mentally disqualified.

C. An applicant for restoration after exclusion shall have the same moral qualifications as a petitioner for the degrees. [66-1.1; 66-1.4; 66-1.11; 66-1.12].

D. It must be presented at a stated communication, and if received, it shall not be balloted on within twenty-eight days, and then only at a stated communication. [45-3.4.C; 68-1].

E. A unanimously favorable secret ballot shall be necessary to restore to membership. [59-2.12].

3. The Secretary shall promptly notify the Grand Secretary of any restoration after exclusion. [59-12.10; 59-12.19.H]; Official Form 49].


If the applicant for restoration after exclusion for nonpayment of dues is rejected, he shall not apply again within six months.

1. He may thereafter apply for restoration only to the same lodge.

2. He may reapply as often as the lodge will receive his application, but not within six months of any rejection.

3. Each new application except for the payment or the cancellation of the dues shall take the course set forth in Regulation 78-2.

4. If the applicant is rejected, the dues paid by him provided in Regulation 78-2.1 shall not be returned. The payment thereof is declared a prerequisite qualifying him to make application for restoration and is the payment of a just debt.


Should the lodge of which the brother was a member become defunct, the Grand Secretary shall issue a Grand Lodge demit under the provisions of Chapter 49 and proceed by application for membership as set forth in Chapter 75. [49-1; 49-4.1]