Chapter 33

Code Commission


The Code Commission shall be composed of five members appointed by the Grand Master.

1. The Grand Master shall name the chairman of said commission.

2. At each annual communication of the Grand Lodge the Grand Master shall appoint one member to serve for five years.

3. Each member of the Commission shall have served a full term as Master or Secretary of a subordinate lodge at least three years prior to his appointment. He shall be well informed in the laws and usages of Masonry and of this Grand Jurisdiction in particular. [27-6; 27-7].


The duties, powers, and authority of the Code Commission shall be as follows.

1.To receive copies of all proposed amendments to the CODE as submitted within regulation and edit them for clarity and completeness before submission to the Grand Lodge for its action. The Commission shall consult with the Committee on Masonic Jurisprudence as necessary to avoid duplication of effort and conflicts.

2.To assist members of the fraternity to properly propose amendments to the CODE as may make the CODE more useful and helpful to Freemasonry in North Carolina.

3. The Commission shall monitor the CODE and propose such changes to form and substance as they may deem helpful to Freemasonry in North Carolina.

4.To prepare and supervise the printing and distribution of all amendments to the CODE.

5. To perform such other duties as may be assigned to them by the Grand Lodge.

(This regulation amended, effective 7/31/2000)