Chapter 31

Lodge Service Commission


The Lodge Service Commission shall consist of five members appointed by the Grand Master as follows: [27-1.2.A; 27-6; 27-7.8].

1. Each member of the commission shall be a Past Master of a subordinate lodge in this jurisdiction well versed in the law of this Grand Lodge and in the usages and customs of the Craft and shall be experienced in handling business matters pertaining to subordinate lodges.

2. At each annual communication the Grand Master shall appoint one qualified brother to serve for five years, and at the same time he shall also name the chairman of the commission.

3. In the event of a vacancy on the commission by death or for any other cause the Grand Master shall fill the vacancy by appointment for the unexpired term.


The commission shall meet upon call of the Grand Master or the chairman, and its business may be transacted by correspondence.


A quorum shall consist of three members.


The duties, powers, and authority of the Lodge Service Commission shall be as follows.

1. To investigate any matter, subject, or thing pertaining to the affairs, operation, working, or conduct of subordinate lodges not within the scope of any other board, committee, or commission, of the Grand Lodge as provided in THE CODE, which may be referred to it by the Grand Master or the Grand Lodge. Such investigation may be made by one or more members of the commission duly designated by the chairman or it may be made by the entire commission, but the report shall be made by at least a majority of the commission.

2. To report to the Grand Master and to the Grand Lodge all the facts pertinent to any inquiry or investigation with such recommendations as the commission may deem proper.

3. To consider and act upon all applications of lodges or brethren in connection with or relating to lodge building programs as set forth in Regulation 43-8.

4. To authorize and approve the use of the masonic name and emblem by a cemetery, temple association hospital, employment bureau, relief organization, or charitable enterprise controlled and conducted wholly by Masons or by Masonry. [86-2.46]

5. To call for and examine any record, book, or account of any subordinate lodge in this jurisdiction which may be the object of or within the scope of its investigation; to order and require the attendance of any Masonic witness, as may be necessary or advisable to the proper discharge of its duties. All the powers and authority set forth in this paragraph are to be exercised under the direction of the Grand Master.

Any joint enterprise or building corporation, whether approved prior to formation as required in Regulation 43-8.1F or commenced without such approval shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge and the Lodge Service Commission.

1. The assets of a defunct joint enterprise or building corporation shall be applied to the payment of its just debts. [Reg 49-7.8]

2. If any assets remain after the just debts of the defunct joint enterprise or building corporation are paid the balance shall be transferred to the North Carolina Masonic Foundation, Inc. or another Masonic Charity approved by the Lodge Service Commission. [Reg 49-7.9] (this regualtion amended, effective 1/1/2014)