Chapter 25

Joint Enterprises


The declared policy of this Grand Lodge is not to enter into any joint enterprise with any agency, person, or entity for any purpose whatsoever, including the erection, ownership, or management of buildings for Masonic use by or with other Masonic bodies. The Grand Lodge should always be the exclusive and sovereign owner, proprietor, director, and manager of any objective or enterprise projected, sponsored, or promoted by it in the name of, or in behalf of, Masonry in its jurisdiction. This declaration is not to be construed to mean that the Grand Lodge may not cooperate with other agencies or entities for relief or for charity, or for the advancement or improvement of mankind, or for any other Masonic objective, but it does state that no such enterprise or objective shall be made a sponsorship, co- partnership, or joint enterprise, or that the Grand Lodge shall be made a party to it in any way except by way of cooperation in such manner, to such extent, and for such definite time as it may deem proper.


The same policy is stated for its subordinate lodges, except as provided by law, or as may be authorized by the Grand Lodge from time to time. [43-2.13; 43-8; 60-7; 86-2.46].