Chapter 15

Duties of the Grand Treasurer


The duties of the Grand Treasurer are as follows.

1. To be present at the Grand Lodge at all of its communications for business and to attend upon the Grand Master, when required, with the books and necessary papers appertaining to his office.

2. When required by the Grand Lodge or the Grand Master, to attend with such books and papers upon any committee or other agency which may be appointed to act in relation to the fiscal affairs of the Grand Lodge.

3. To receive all money belonging to the Grand Lodge from the Grand Secretary, and to give him receipts therefor, to keep in suitable books a just and accurate record thereof.

4. To deposit all money as may come into his hands in such depositories as he may select unless otherwise provided by the Grand Lodge. [16-1.8; 21-3].

5. To have in charge all money and such other personal and fiscal property of the Grand Lodge as may be entrusted to his care.

6. To keep separate accounts in detail for each fund that may be designated by the Grand Lodge.

7. To pay warrants drawn on him authorized by the Grand Lodge or the Grand Master and executed by the Grand Secretary. [16-1.10; 21-3.3] .

8. To present to the Grand Secretary on or before the fifteenth day of March each year, for transmission to the Grand Lodge at its annual communication, a written report of all receipts and disbursements and an itemized list of all securities, stocks, bonds, and other valuable papers belonging to the Grand Lodge in his possession. Such reports shall cover separately the several funds of the Grand Lodge if any such separate funds have been established, and shall be for the preceding fiscal year. One copy of the report shall be presented to the Grand Master and one copy to the Chairman of the Committee on Finance at the same time it is presented to the Grand Secretary. [22-1; 22-4.3].

9. To take receipts on a payroll or otherwise for money paid out during a communication of the Grand Lodge for expenses of the communication for which he shall receive a regular warrant of the Grand Secretary. [21-4; 27-7].

10. To pay all moneys in his hands belonging to the Grand Lodge to his successor in office and to deliver to him all bonds, securities, stocks, and other property, books, papers, and other documents in his hands as Grand Treasurer, taking duplicate receipts, one copy of which he shall file with the Grand Master.

11. To execute and file with the Grand Master within fifteen days after his installation an official surety bond in such penal sum as the Grand Lodge or the Grand Master may require, but not less than $20,000.00, with such sureties as shall be approved by the Grand Master, conditioned that he will faithfully discharge the duties of his office as provided in THE CODE, or by any amendments thereto. The premium for said bond shall be paid by the Grand Lodge. If he shall fail to file the said bond within the prescribed time, the Grand Master shall declare the office vacant and appoint a brother who is qualified and will file the required bond.

12. To perform such other duties as may be required by the Grand Master or the Grand Lodge. [22-1; 22-4.3].

13. To appoint, with the approval of the Grand Master, an Assistant to the Grand Treasurer who shall have and maintain the qualifications required for a Grand Treasurer set forth in Chapter 11, and to fill any vacancy in the same manner. For the official acts of such Assistant to the Grand Treasurer, the Grand Treasurer and his bondsman shall be responsible. When the Grand Treasurer is unable to perform the duties of his office for any reason, the Assistant to the Grand Treasurer, when directed by the Grand Master, shall perform the duties of the Grand Treasurer as Acting Grand Treasurer and shall receive such compensation as the Grand Master shall direct. The Grand Master in his discretion shall have the power to name some other qualified brother as Acting Grand Treasurer. [12-5; 21-3.321-3.4].


The Grand Treasurer's station is at the right of the Grand Master.