Chapter 10

Amendments to the Constitution


Except when a general revision of THE CODE is ordered by the Grand Lodge, as provided in Section 10-2, or any part of this Constitution or any of the Regulations can be amended, repealed, revised or altered in the following manner:

1. A proposal to alter, amend, revise or repeal any part of the constitution, or any regulation, article, section, or subdivision, or any part of THE CODE, must be submitted to the Grand Lodge not later than December 31 for consideration at the following annual communication, and the proposal shall take the course provided in this section. (This section amended, effective 9/24/2005)

A. Such proposal shall be in writing, setting forth expressly, or clearly identifying, the matter intended to be affected, and in such form as to express the law as intended and it must be submitted either as a substitute, alteration, amendment, revision or repeal of the chapter regulation, article, section or subdivision of THE CODE which it is intended to affect, or as an addition thereto.

B. Any member of a subordinate lodge may propose a change or amendment to The Code or Constitution. Such proposal shall first be submitted to his lodge at a stated communication and expressly approved by 2/3 of the members present before it shall be submitted to the Grand Lodge. The Secretary shall attest the lodge's approval under seal of the lodge.

C. Amendments may also be submitted by the Grand Master, Grand Secretary, Boards, Commissions or Committees of The Grand Lodge

D. Such proposal may be numbered or lettered as an additional chapter, regulation, article, section or subdivision of THE CODE.

(This section amended, effective January 1, 2003)

2. Any such proposal shall be referred to the Committee on Masonic Jurisprudence which shall report thereon, with its recommendations, at the next annual communication of the Grand Lodge.

A. By unanimous consent of the Grand Lodge, action on any such proposal may be taken at the same annual communication at which it is presented.

B. The Grand Lodge shall not act, unanimously or otherwise, on any proposal at the same session of the annual communication at which it is received, if it is received later than noon of the second day of such annual communication at which it is received.

3. If the proposal is not acted upon by unanimous consent as provided in Section 10-1.2.A, it shall be published in the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge under the caption, PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE CODE, and within six months prior to the next annual communication the Grand Secretary shall prepare and mail two copies of any such proposal to each subordinate lodge and one copy to each officer and member of the Grand Lodge.

4. If upon the report of the Committee on Masonic Jurisprudence, such proposal shall receive not less than two-thirds of the votes cast, the proposal shall be declared adopted; but it shall not take effect until January first following its adoption, unless otherwise provided by the Grand Lodge at the time of its adoption. (This subdivision amended, effective September 27, 2002)

5. When an amendment to this Constitution or Regulation is under consideration, it may be amended if the proposed amendment is germane to the subject.

6. When this Constitution or Regulations becomes effective, all previous Constitutions, Regulations and enactments of this Grand Lodge which are inconsistent herewith are repealed but those on which it is silent, or those referring to matters not provided for by it, remain in force as provided in Section 7-4.1.

7. The repeal of existing laws shall not affect any act done, right accrued, offense committed, or proceedings commenced prior to the time when such repeal takes effect.


The Grand Lodge at an annual communication, by a three fourths vote, may order the selection of a committee of one or more, or may order the Code Commission, to revise or draft a new Constitution or a new CODE to be acted upon at a subsequent annual communication as provided for in the order.

1. The report proposing a repeal, or a revision of, or amendments to THE CODE made pursuant to the foregoing paragraph shall be in writing and at least two copies mailed to each subordinate lodge and one copy mailed to each officer and member of the Grand Lodge not less than six lunar months prior to the next annual communication of the Grand Lodge. It shall be presented at the first session of that annual communication and referred to the Committee on Masonic Jurisprudence for its recommendation; and upon a report of that committee, the Grand Lodge may consider and act upon such proposals or any of them in any manner it deems proper and without the necessity of the proposal lying over. Section 10-1.1, 10-1.1.A, 10-1.1.B, 10-1.2, 10-1.4, 10-1.5, 10-1.6, 10-1.7 shall also apply. This subdivision shall be effective only in connection with the paragraph immediately foregoing.


The Constitution embraces all matters set out in Chapter 1 through 10 inclusive of THE CODE which is referred to by word SECTION or the abbreviation SEC. except where used in the Uniform Code of By-Laws in Chapter 44. Any regulation in THE CODE, or any other enactment, or act, which conflicts with the Constitution of the Grand Lodge is void to the extent of such conflict.


The Regulations embrace all matter set out in THE CODE which is referred to by the word REGULATION or the abbreviation REG.


This Constitution shall become effective on its adoption by the Grand Lodge. [7-2; 9-3].