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Doc Cates

Brother Steve Cates has worked as a Human Resource executive for Fortune 500 companies such as Burlington Industries, Able Engineering, Kroehler Mfg. Co. Philip-Morris, Iller Brewing Co., Wilsonart International, McDonalds Inc. and Forsyth Technical Community College.

He received his undergraduate degrees in business and economics from the University of North Carolina and then obtained an MBA from Northern Illinois University. He then studied Labor Law at the University of Michigan and Employment Law at the University of Wisconsin. He holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from NOVA Southeastern University with concentrations in both Human Resource Management (1999) and Marketing (2003).

His research interests are in multiple areas with Human Resources such as the areas of employment discrimination, Employment and Labor Law issues in the U.S, stereotyping and its effects on employment issues, as well as issues of anomia and marketing relationships.

In addition to his Masonic activities, in his spare time Steve likes to be involved in outdoor activities. He played in band that plays old rhythm and blues and has an extensive guitar collection.

Steve lives in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Available Programs:

1) The History of the Masonic Apron: Its Origins and Ties to Masonry

2) The Historical Significance of the Cable Tow to Masonry

3) The Masonic Ties to Ancient Israel: Origins of Hebrew Characters and Their Place in Modern Day Ritual

4) Masonic Uses of Old and New Testament Scripture

5) The Masonic origins of "Free and Accepted" Masons: It is Not What You Think

6) The Dark Side of Masonry: Our Good Brother- Jack the Ripper

7) The History of the Masonic Ironclad: USS Baron DeKalb

8) How Do You Measure Up? An Examination of the Entered Apprentice Degree

9) The Hell Fire Club and It's Ties to Free Masonry

10) The History of The Mason's Daughter and Mason's Wife Degrees

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