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Mike Daniels

Brother Michael Daniels, 33', KYCH, KCT, is currently the sitting Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar in North Carolina and serves on the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education. He is Director of Academics for the Davie Academy and instructs for the Middle Chamber program as well as Wilkerson College. He is a Past Master of Bush Hill Lodge No. 732 in Archdale, a charter member of Sophia Lodge, President of the Greensboro Masonic Temple Company, Past Governor of the Piedmont York Rite College, Director of the Work for Greensboro Scottish Rite, and a Knight of the Royal Order of Scotland.

Brother Daniels is classically educated and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and graduate work in Adult Leaning and Instructional Design

Brother Daniels travels frequently to Masonic lodges, churches, and other groups presenting talks on Freemasonry, history, esoteric topics, and leadership.

Available Programs:

1) The Eyes Have It: An exploration of the symbolism of the Eye of Providence

2) The Celtic Cross: Ancient Wisdom from an ancient symbol

3) The Secret Supper: hidden meanings in DaVinci's art

4) Spear-shaker: Masonic References in Shakespeare

5) Symbolism of the Great Seal of the United States

6) Signs and Wonders: Columbus, Astronomy, Washington D.C., and the story behind their mystical union

7) Architect of Dreams: the life and works of Jules Verne

8) Dark Waters: The Knights Templar, Columbus and Pirates!

9) Symbolism in the Blue Degrees: Hidden Teachings

10) JOHNS! The Holy Saints John: Why these men were chosen as patrons of Masonry.

11) How Bright the Light! Renaissance and Enlightenment Philosophy and its impact on Masonry
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