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Matthew Parker

Brother Parker is a member of Zebulon Lodge No. 609 and the Lodge of the Nine Sisters (Under Dispensation). In an ever-changing world Brother Parker believes Masonry is just as relevant today as it ever has ever been, and himself has a desire to help other Masons realize the many ways Masonry can improve their lives.

Brother Parker's Programs include:

1) Worshipful Brother George: George Washington's Rules for Civility and Masonry's Influence on Him.
2) The Hermetica and the Path Towards Masonry: How the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks Influences Masonry and Western Culture.
3) What Are the Ancients Telling Us: A Comparison of Ancient Cultures from Around the World.
4) The Hidden Meanings of the First and Second Degrees: An Exploration of the Rituals and Their Deeper Meanings.
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