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Brother Marcus Orr is Past Sovereign Master of the Greensboro Chapter of the Allied Masonic Degrees; serves in the officer lines of the Greensboro Scottish Rite, the Greensboro York Rite and Mosaic Lodge No. 762.; and serves as a Davie Leadership Academy faculty member. He is a Commissioner on the Alamance County Historic Properties Commission, serves as Secretary of the Graham Museum Board, and is a member of the Greensboro Masonic Temple Board.

Bro. Orr is a graduate of UNC-Greensboro with a BA in History and Political Science, a MA in Liberal Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in Global Studies. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He is an ordained Baptist minister, served as a chaplain at Alamance Regional Medical Center while completing a program in Clinical Pastoral Education, holds endorsement as a disaster relief chaplain, and is certified in acute traumatic stress management. He serves as a lead mental health debriefer for the Region J Critical Incident Stress Management team responding to traumatic events involving emergency services personnel in the central North Carolina area.

He is a former detective sergeant who specialized in domestic violence investigations. He has over 13 years of experience in law enforcement and continues to serve as a reserve police officer for the small town of Liberty, NC and as an adjunct instructor in the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program at Alamance Community College.

Bro. Orr has particular interests in researching and lecturing on historical and esoteric aspects of masonry. He is also available to speak on topics related to disaster/crisis relief, domestic violence, and historic preservation.

His programs include:

1) Pursuing the Ruffians: The Symbolism of the Assassins: Discover the symbolism of the ruffians and the instruments used in their murderous device. Learn more about pursuing these symbolic ruffians.

2) Amos, What Seest Thou?: The Symbolism of the Plumbline: Delve into the symbolism of the plumbline and develop a deeper understanding of being an exemplar of the ideals of masonry.

3) What Does it Denote?: The Symbolism of The Ear of Corn: Gain a new perspective on the language and imagery of the usage of corn in masonic ritual.

4) Observing the Approach of Cowans: An Overview of Clandestine and Irregular Masonry: Develop a greater understanding of our masonic terminology as it relates to clandestine masonry and irregular vs. regular masonry. Learn more about the history of irregular/clandestine lodges and how they impact freemasonry in the present day.

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