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Johnny Surles

Brother Surles is a retired Lieutenant with the North Carolina Highway Patrol. He became a Mason in 1981 and 3 years later was Master of Zion Lodge. In 2011 he was appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the 7th Masonic District and served as Grand Tyler of the Grand Lodge of NC in 2010. The highlight of his career in Masonry was serving as Vice-Chair of the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford. Johnny is Chairperson for the Masonic Home for Children Homecoming Festival.

Brother Surles programs include:

1) The Jewels of Zion: In 1861 Zion Lodge's officer jewels were stolen by Federal troops, but through an interesting series of events and the benevolence of our Northern brethren were returned in 1865.

2) The Story of D.B. Cooper: The true story of the 1971 D.B. Cooper's hijacking of a Boeing 727.

3) A True Mason, Roscoe Barrus: The life and times of WB Roscoe Barrus (1800-1870), one of the founders of Zion Lodge.

4) Masonic Etiquette: The rules and decorum of being a Freemason.

5) National Sojourners

6) Jack Lucas: Medal of Honor Recipient and New Bern Freemason

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