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Gary Handy

Brother Gary Handy is a member and Past Master of Walnut Cove Lodge 629 and he has been employed has a purchasing agent for Stokes County since 1994 and a member of Christ Episcopal Church.

In addition, Brother Gary is a member of Wilkerson College Lodge 760, Sophia Lodge 767 and Lux Libertas Lodge UD and is a Past DDGM of the 26th district. He is also active in both Greensboro Scottish and York Rites, along with Oasis Shriners in Charlotte.

Brother Gary lives in Walnut Cove, along with his wife Jennifer and has one daughter and two grandchildren.

Brother Gary'a available programs include:

1) The Scottish and York Rites: This talk looks at the superstructure of the Scottish and York Rites in North Carolina--how they originated and how they may compliment your ascent through the three symbolic degrees of the Blue Lodge.

2) The Order of DeMolay: A brief and informative look at DeMolay International, which takes you through the formation and work of an excellent Masonic and community service organization for our male youth. Brother Handy will cover the story of the men who founded the Order of DeMolay and what lead them to form the Order.

3) Deacon's Staves: This talk looks at the significance of the emblems engraved and cast upon the Senior and Junior Deacon's staves and jewels, and their links to other symbols throughout Freemasony, history, and our modern culture.

Brother Handy is willing to travel up to 50 miles from his home in Walnut Cove, NC.

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