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Doug Caudle

Most Worshipful Brother Caudle was raised in 1993 in Statesville Lodge No. 27 and served as Master of his lodge in 1998. His dedicated service to the fraternity was acknowledged by the Masons of North Carolina when he was elected to serve as Grand Master in 2015. Most Worshipful Brother Caudle enjoys speaking on a number of topics, including:

Programs Include:

1) Lodge Etiquette: An interactive and fun approach on how to conduct oneself in Lodge

2) Your Grand Lodge: A review of the various committees and commissions of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina; what each group is responsible for, who they are made up of, and how each is appointed

3) Traditional Observant Lodges: A review of what Traditional Observance Lodges are, and more importantly what they are not. Includes a discussion on why this type Lodge is becoming popular.

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