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Chris Richardson

Brother Chris Richardson is a member and Past Master of Oxford Lodge No. 122 and worked as Assistant Director of Development, Director of Development, Assistant Administrator, and Interim Administrator for our Masonic Home for Children at Oxford for 17 years. He now works for our Masonic Charities and our Masons as the Eastern Region Director of Development for the North Carolina Masonic Foundation. In addition, Brother Chris is a member of Orphans Lodge No. 761.

Brother Chris lives in Oxford, NC, with his wife Elizabeth, who is also a twenty-one year employee of our Masonic Home for Children at Oxford as its Medical Director. He has two children.

Brother Chris’ available programs include:

1) About The North Carolina Masonic Foundation. This presentation gives a general overview of our NC Masonic Foundation, its history, mission, and how it works with our Lodges, Masons, and all who wish to create a perpetual or designated gift for our Masonic Charities. This talk includes information on NC Masonic Foundation Programs related to Lodges and their operations, as well as select funds established by Lodges and individuals for charitable purposes that can be managed by the NC Masonic Foundation.

2) Your Lodge’s Fundraising, Financial Development, and their Proper Management. An informative look at fundraising and its associated standards, policies, and practices, as they relate to the Masonic Code, IRS rules, and ethical, donor-centric, operation. Program can be tailored for Lodges conducting new fundraisers, those wishing to expand their fundraising, create a thriving Annual Campaign, or to provide additional details to enhance charitable results and establish a record of successful, sustainable fundraising.

3) An Introduction to Wills, Estates, and the Basics of Planned Giving. An entry-level presentation on Planned Giving, Wills, and the various options available to members and their families in preparing personal and financial planning associated with Estate Planning. Includes information on Legacy and Memorial Gifts and their recognition, Annuities, Trusts, and Deferred Giving, Tax Advantages, and resources available for additional discussion and planning regarding these important, definitive decisions in one’s life and for their families and our charities.

While working primarily in the Central and Eastern part of North Carolina, Brother Richardson is willing to travel across North Carolina to any county and throughout the country to provide this important information for the future of our Charities and our fraternity and its members.

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