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Charles Ponton

For over 20 years as a Master Mason, I thoroughly believe that Masonic education in the lodge is paramount to changing hearts and minds for improvement of a Mason. My professional business experience as an owner broker of a real estate company for 40 years has allowed many opportunities to be of service to my community. My Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion combined with my masonic studies encourages me every day to be of service for the needs of others. Making the application of Freemasonry practical to every member of our fraternity is my personal commitment others and myself.

Programs Include:

1) Men, Morality, and Masons: From the older generation of men, to the younger generation certain issues are of concern Men, Morality, and Masons

2) Prayer in Lodge: Break down of prayer using the numerals 5-3-1

3) Keystone Knowledge: Essential topics for better understanding for new masons.

4) Lodge Orientation for new member: Hot topics to consider.

5) Blue Lodge around the world: Influences of Political, Charitable and Philosophical themes

6) Government of the Blue Lodge: Is it a Republic, Democracy, Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Feudal system of governing?

7) Operative and Speculative understanding of Swords in Freemasonry: Review Swords Parts, Real Swords and Symbolic swords in Lodge

8) A better understanding of Myths: The Past usages of myths influencing modern thought

9) Public Speaking & Stage Performance 101: A learning curve for all, basics

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