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Gene Cobb

Brother Cobb, Deputy Grand Master, is an avid speaker and champion of the Craft. His interests within Freemasonry ranges from historical biographies to spiritual matters. His talks include:

1) William Richardson Davie: Past and Present Hero: Davie is one of the most unsung heroes of North Carolina Freemasonry. Davie served longer than any other Grand Master in our state's history, and all of us trace our masonic family tree to him. What was his story? Who was he and how does his legacy influence the Craft to this day?

2) The Nerveless Grasp: Masonic Funeral Rites: As a student of religion and as a United Methodist Pastor, I sincerely enjoy sharing my experiences in how to help bring the lodge, persons of faith, and houses of worship together to respectfully, solemnly, and beautifully bury our dead. It was my joy and privilege to compile a compendium of last rites and rituals for the Craft in North Carolina. The North Carolina Masonic Funeral Manual addresses the many changes in the funeral culture that have occurred within the last generation, and the ways the lodge can better respond to the last wishes of our departed brethren.

3) 2017: A Brief Year in the Grand East: This program shares what it was like to be a Grand Master and Pastor of a large congregation. As Past Grand Master Cobb reflects on the issues of 2017, how will this move the Craft forward in the future What have we learned? How might we be better enabled to subdue our passions? How can we improve ourselves in Masonry? Included in this program will be a reflection on the 300th anniversary of the founding of the United Grand Lodge of England with a slideshow and more about the largest gathering of Grand Masters in history.

4) Hats of Masonry: A look at our whole Masonic Family: How we ALL work in the quarry together.

5) Balance: The Household of the Faithful and the Lodge: How a pastor balanced his faith, practice, and vocation in the church and the lodge.

6) This Year's Lion and Pillar! On a District Level and to be scheduled through DDGMs only: A Workshop to address MSA, Sojourners, Masonic Renewal, Speaker's Bureau, Financial Development, Matters from our Charities, and other matters that may help lodges complete the Lion and Pillar Requirements. This can be held in combination with other districts, but it requires at least three members from a lodge present to get credit.

Brother Cobb is willing to travel most anywhere in the state within reason and with advanced notice, preferably four months notice.

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