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Shaun Bradshaw

Past Grand Master Shaun Bradshaw is a founder and Vice-President of Zenergy Technologies, a software testing and QA consulting firm, and is an internationally recognized speaker in the Software Testing industry. Shaun’s official Masonic journey began with his initiation into Stokesdale Lodge No. 428 where he was raised a Master Mason in 1997. He served as Master of the Lodge in 2003 and was later appointed DDGM of the 23rd Masonic District from 2005 to 2007. Shaun is also an active member of the Greensboro Valley of the Scottish Rite and Greensboro York Rite Bodies, having served in several leadership roles in both organizations. Shaun’s other Masonic affiliations include membership in NC Piedmont York Rite College No. 124, the Royal Order of Scotland, St. Patrick’s Council No. 1, Knight Masons, and Oasis Shrine Temple in Charlotte. Shaun is a member of the Wilkerson College faculty where he leads “The Master’s Toolbox” workshop.

Shaun enjoys diving into the depths of Masonic symbolism, as well as discussing the practical applications of the lessons of our gentle craft. His programs include:

Available Programs:

1) Can/Shall/Will: An Esoteric Interpretation of Grand Master Hiram Abiff's Words at the South, West, and East Gates

2) A Christian Explanation of the Blue Lodge Degrees

3) Making Good Men Better: An Interactive Discussion of ways to fulfill the mission of Freemasonry

4) The Beauty of Balance: An open discussion of the meaning of “balance” and the many symbols offered in Masonry to help us learn the lesson of balance or equilibrium in our lives.

5) The Tyler’s Place: We generally don’t pay much attention to the Tyler. He’s just a brother (not even necessarily a member of the lodge) who sits just outside the lodge room, but there’s a much deeper symbolism and purpose for the Tyler’s place. This presentation is an introduction to one interpretation of the rich symbolism associated with the Tyler.

6) The Golden Ratio: Phi and its relationship to lodge symbolism and personal transformation

7) The Lodge as a Model of Emotional Energy - In this presentation, we will discuss esoteric aspects of the ritual and how, when performed correctly, they invoke specific emotional responses from the candidate and the valuable lessons we may draw from them.

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