Masonic Technology for the 21st Century

Freemasonry is built on relationships, and relationships work best when we, as brothers, can communicate. Over the past couple of years the Grand Lodge has implemented several new technologies and methods to help keep brothers in touch and facilitate learning.

First, Our Lodge Page (OLP) is a means to connect lodges and brothers. OLP is a front-end interface that works off your lodge secretary's database, MORI. OLP enables brothers to connect through an interactive webpage (standardized and automatically updated by MORI) and a smartphone application. Each interface allows members to look up their Masonic brothers' contact information, post news stories and announcements, RSVP for dinners and special events, pay your dues safely online, as well as chat through text (make sure your app is updated!). To get started creating your account, click here!

Second, Hiram's Whisper is an "aid to memory." For centuries Freemasons have used ciphers and cryptographs to keep the secrets of our fraternity. Hiram's Whisper is a vocabulary app for the Freemasons of North Carolina. To access the app, you must provide your name and membership number (found under the barcode on your dues card, and beginning with the letter M) in order to verify to affiliation. The app is available through Apple's App Store as well as Google Play for a modest fee.

Third, check out our Podcasts on SoundCloud. In 2017 a North Carolina brother took the Lodge System of Masonic Education script to a professional sound studio and recorded it. LSME touches on all kinds of subjects—the history and basis of our fraternity, the basic lessons of the three degrees, and various insights into the laws and function of Freemasonry—and is now available for you on the go!

And, lastly, check out Amity. Amity is an app provided by the Masonic Service Association and maintains an updated listing of regular Masonic lodges around the world. And, as more lodges update their information, the more accurate the app becomes. Give it a try, especially if you find yourself traveling regularly. Amity is available in Apple's App Store and on Google Play.