Grand Master's Annual Run

To raise money for our charities, and to honor our outgoing Grand Master and welcome our incoming Grand Master.

Brethren, as announced by the Grand Master at the Annual Communication on September 24:


The Second Annual Grand Master’s Run

This is a virtual run, beginning on Annual Communication (Friday, Sept 24, 2021) and ending on Grand Lodge Officer Installation (Sat, Dec 4, 2021). The purpose of this event is to raise money for our charities, while honoring our outgoing Grand Master and welcoming our incoming Grand Master. All proceeds will be gifted to Whitestone and the Masonic Home for Children.

This event allows you to choose to participate in either a:

• 1K walk/run-0.62 miles
• 5k run-3.1 miles
• 10K run-6.2 miles.

You can walk or run for yourself, someone else, your lodge, or in memorial of another.

Participation is extremely easy.

1. Click on this Eventbrite address, pay the $20.00 entrance fee, and get registered:

2. Sometime between Annual Communication (Fri, Sep 24, 2021) and Grand Lodge Officer Installation (Sat, Dec 4, 2021), participate in the event of your choosing (1k walk/run, 5k run, or 10k run).
3. After the run, send creative proof of your completion to:
The submission can take any form. You could submit:
• running data from a smart watch
• a selfie if you standing in front of a cool tree/monument/building on your route
• a photo of your route on a map
• your shoes from the side with a cool background
The sky is the limit!
4. Participants who complete the event will have their names published in the NC Mason along with the distance they ran.
5. Also, the editor of the NC Mason will also select the top photo submissions and publish them alongside the names of participants.

This is an amazing opportunity to get out into our communities, support our wonderful charities, and demonstration our fraternalism by honoring our incoming and outgoing Grand Masters. We look forward to your support and cannot wait to see the pictures you submit.

If you have any questions regarding the event, our point of contact is


Robert “Bobby” Rideout
Senior Grand Deacon