Our Lodge Page

Our Lodge Page (OLP) is a dynamic tool that will enable you to keep in touch with your lodge and lodge brothers. OLP is both a webpage and a smartphone app (for iPhones and Droids). With OLP you can:

  • view the news feeds from all your lodges
  • see upcoming meetings for all your lodges
  • RVSP to dinners and meetings
  • see who else is attending those meetings
  • search your lodges' membership directories
  • check the status of visiting brethren

Our Lodge Page proves secure access to Masonic information. To become a user of the app, you must first be a Freemason in good standing in North Carolina.

To find your North Carolina lodge and establish an account online, type in your lodge's number then -nc.ourlodgepage.com. For example, 1-nc.ourlodgepage.com will take you to St. John's Lodge No. 1's OLP page and 772-nc.ourlodgepage.com will take you to Lux Libertas Lodge No. 772.

For access to the smartphone app, go to the App Store on your apple device or GooglePlay and search for Our Lodge Page.

Our Lodge Page is only as effective as your lodge's webmaster makes it. Ask who your lodge's webmaster is and if they are maintaining your lodge's current events, meetings times, and news.

If you have any problems logging in, do not hesitate to contact the Grand Lodge at 919-787-2021.