Chapter 69

Elected Petitioner


The Secretary of the lodge shall promptly notify the petitioner of his election, and of the time and place when and where he can receive the first degree. [43-3.7; 68-11; Official Form 20].


Should an elected petitioner fail to present himself for initiation within one year from the date of notice to him of the time and place he could receive the first degree, his election shall be void except as provided in this regulation. [Official Form 20].

1. For good cause and by secret ballot, the lodge may grant the petitioner an extension of time for not more than six months from the date of expiration of the one year prescribed in the first paragraph above in which to appear for initiation; then if he fails to appear, his election shall be void. [Chapter 68].

2. If the failure to present himself for initiation is due to service in any branch of armed forces of the United States, the petitioner may present himself for initiation within six months after discharge from such service, not withstanding any other provision of this regulation, after which no further extension shall be allowed, and the election shall be void.

3. If the election becomes void under any part of this Regulation, he must again petition a lodge having jurisdiction and be subject to the procedure governing original petitions for the degrees and if the petition is made to the same lodge, it should credit him with the fee paid with his original petition if the fee has not been returned provided, a proper adjustment of the fee shall be made in the event any change in the amount of the fee has been made since the first petition was received by the lodge. [42-13; 64-4.1; 64-4.2; 65-5; 73-7].