2021.9.27 Synopsis of the 234th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge

2021.9.2 Grand Master Wicker's Statement on the United States Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan and how we must support our Troops

2021.6.21 Wicker Order No. 14, ALL Un-vaccinated Members SHALL Wear Face Coverings at Masonic Events, and other Protocols for Masonic Events

2021.5.19 Wicker Order No. 10, Concerning Revised Rules and Regulations for Lodge Meetings

2021.4.26 Wicker Order No. 9, Concerning Lodge Capacity and Meeting Duration

2021.2.26 Wicker Order No. 7, Concerning Food Preparation in Lodges

2021.2.25 Wicker Order No. 6, Termination of Curfew, Lodges may resume meeting past 9:30 p.m.

2021.1.29 Wicker Order No. 4, Concerning Food Preparation and Lodge Fundraisers

2021.1.8 Grand Master Wicker's Statement on the domestic terrorist attack on our nation's capitol

2020.12.24 Wicker Order No. 3, All Lodges and Appendant Bodies shall cease meeting until January 15, 2021

2020.12.11 Wicker Order No. 1, Lodges shall close no later than 9:30 p.m until further notice

2020.12.1 Bradshaw Opinion No. 3, Concerning Chambers of Reflection

2020.11.6 Bradshaw Order No. 11, Phase 3, Easing of Restrictions on Dining in Lodge

2020.10.9 Bradshaw Opinion 2, Concerning Lodge Annual Meetings and Election of Officers

2020.10.1 Phase 3, Lodges may Re-Open at 1/3 Capacity Under These Rules

2020.10.1 Waiver Form for Lodges

2020.10.1 Health and Safety Guidelines

2020.9.26 Synopsis of the 2020 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina

2020.9.4 Bradshaw Order No. 9 Phase 2.5, Lodges May Re-Open Under These Rules

2020.8.28 2020 Annual Communication Information

2020.8.11 Bradshaw Order No. 8 Phase 2 Continuance through September 11, Virtual Annual Communication Announced

2020.7.15 Bradshaw Order No. 7 Phase 2 Continuance through August 7, outdoor degree work permitted with dispensation

2020.6.25 Bradshaw Order No. 6 Phase 2 Continuance through July 17

2020.6.9 PH and AF & AM Grand Masters to Stand United at NC State Capitol Saturday, June 13 at Noon

2020.6.3 PH and AF & AM Grand Masters Joint Statement Concerning Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth

2020.6.3 Grand Master's Announcement Denouncing Racism, Promoting Unity

2020.5.13 Bradshaw Order No. 5 Grand Master's Order Concerning Phased Re-Opening of Some Lodge Functions and Preparedness Guide

2020.4.29 Bradshaw Opinion No. 1 Concerning Virtual Lodge Meetings

2020.4.27 Grand Master's Announcement Concerning Current COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

2020.3.23 Bradshaw Order No. 4 Clarification of Grand Master's Order Concerning Lodge Function and Masonic Business During the Quarantine

2020.3.18 Board of Custodians' Guidelines for Virtual Coaching During COVID-19 Pandemic

2020.3.16 Bradshaw Order No. 4 Grand Master Orders All Masonic Meetings to Cease Until Further Notice

2020.3.13 Board of Custodians Suspends all Schools of Instruction and Lecture Services

2020.3.12 Grand Master's Recommendations to the Brethren of North Carolina in light of Current COVID-19 Pandemic

2020.3.12 Medical Committee's Precautions Against Contracting and Spreading COVID-19