Lion and Pillar Lodge of Excellence

Lion and Pillar Lodge of Excellence Application

10 Point Grading Scale

Pre-Approved Publicity Plan

Make sure your lodge this year becomes a Lodge of Excellence in North Carolina. Lodges will be honored for their work and contributions toward Grand Master Gene Cobb’s goals for all of North Carolina Masonry.

At the 2017 Annual Communication Lodges of Excellence will be recognized for their achievements in the five areas listed to the right.

With problems being experienced with some members not paying dues and others not completing their degree work, the Grand Master encourages everyone to take action.


• We need a cure. Here it is.

• Care: Do we intentionally care about our brothers?

• Understand: Do we intentionally try to understand “others” situation or are we just interested in our own?

• Relationships: Do we intentionally develop our connections?

• Effort: Do we intentionally strive and make efforts to CURE broken connections with our members?

• Be an Intentional Brother! Get to know one another. IT’S WHAT WE DO!

• Here’s the cure: Let’s go to work!


  1. Complete the 10-point program of the Grand Lodge Committee on Masonic Education OR participate in the Davie Academy OR enroll at least one person in Wilkerson College OR at least one member participates in the Middle Chamber program
  2. Attended the Grand Master’s Classes about Davie and specify date


  1. Set aside and include in the lodge minutes that veterans were honored at a regular stated meeting of the lodge and specify the date.
  2. Complete a project of recognition of veterans approved by the DDGM or Grand Master and specify the date.


  1. Certify that in 2016, your lodge contributed to the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford, to the WhiteStone LLC and to the NC Masonic Foundation and specify the totals given to each, and promise to plan to increase giving in 2017.
  2. If your lodge gave nothing in 2016, give an average at least $3 per member per charity by May 30, 2017, to receive the award in 2017.

Masonic Membership

  1. Your lodge must make full use of MORI, including financial pages and adding or updating member email addresses OR
  2. Certify your lodge had ZERO members suspended for non-payment of dues OR
  3. Certify that ALL candidates advanced within the time frame required by the Code OR
  4. Offer a written explanation for why your lodge is not using MORI OR why there were suspensions OR why candidates did not advance.

Affiliated Connections

  • At least one lodge member will join EITHER the Scottish Rite, York Rite, Order of the Eastern Star, the Shrine or any other appendant/concordant organization before June 30, 2017,

OR sponsor a Masonic Youth Organization,

OR Sponsor a local Boy or Girl Scout troop,

OR report how your lodge reached out to the community through schools, ROTC, local food pantry or homeless shelter as approved by the DDGM prior to June 30, 2017.

Your lodge must provide a publicity plan coordinated with the Board of Publications and certified by the Chair of the Board of Publications and Editor of the NC Mason.