All Masonic Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice

Updated 23 March 2020


On March 16, 2020 I issued an order to all Freemasons and lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina to cease all Lodge meetings and Masonic gatherings until further notice. While that Order remains in effect, there have been a number of questions that have come into the Grand Lodge Office requesting guidance regarding the Order. This communication is intended to clarify the Order and ensure the members of our Craft fully comply with its intent.

1. The Order to cease all Masonic meetings and gatherings includes all appendant, concordant, and adjunct bodies under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina. To my knowledge all other Masonic-related bodies have adhered to this Order, but I have heard there remains some confusion in some of the local organizations. Hopefully, this clears up the confusion.

2. In issuing this Order I am following the recommendations of the NC Department of Health and Human Services and this Order will remain in effect until the NCDHHS and the Governor lift the current restrictions.

3. If a Brother is coaching a candidate, the coaching may continue in-person at any location they choose other than a Masonic Lodge. If the candidate and coach choose to meet virtually, then they are to follow the newly established guidelines as provided by the Board of Custodians on March 18, 2020.

4. A Lodge shall not practice at the Masonic Lodge during this time, regardless of the number of members that would be present.

5. A Lodge may still honor a family’s request for Masonic Burial Rites, but precautions should be taken by the brethren involved to ensure Social Distancing is maintained throughout the service.

6. During the time this Order is in effect, the Worshipful Master has the authority to order the Treasurer to pay all recurring bills owed by the lodge.

7. While this Order is in effect the business of the Grand Lodge office shall continue unabated; however, access to the Grand Lodge building is restricted to office personnel and authorized visitors only.

I hope this helps clarify many of the questions my brethren have had over the last week and helps provide enough guidance until this Order can be lifted. Until then I pray that each of you will stay safe and healthy.

Given under my hand and seal this the 23rd day of March, 2020.

P. Shaun Bradshaw
Grand Master

PDF Version of the Order