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The mission of the North Carolina Masonic Foundation and the Development Programs & Activities are to offer a communication link from the charities to the membership in their respective areas; educate and instruct on the general operations and well-being of the North Carolina Masonic Charities; to assimilate a better understanding of Brotherly Love and Relief and the necessity for helping the young and old who need assistance; and to motivate constituent lodges and members in philanthropic endeavors through annual giving, planned and deferred gifts designated for the Masonic Home for Children, The Masonic and WhiteStone Home and the North Carolina Masonic Foundation.

As an endowment it is a source of assistance to the annual incomes of The Masonic Home for Children in Oxford and The Masonic and WhiteStone Home. Every dollar that is presented, received and receipted into the Foundation adds to the principal and is endowed in perpetuity.

The asset fund balance in the Foundation is over $17,000,000. These assets are invested and reinvested and the interest and dividends born off the corpus is used to assist in the annual operations of the two Masonic Homes in North Carolina.

The Grand Lodge of North Carolina supports the Masonic Home for Children in Oxford, North Carolina.

Most Worshipful Raymond C. Dunn wrote in the 1929 Proceedings, "It is true that Oxford Orphanage has, within the past several years, received a few devises and bequests of property, but these have been made, to a large extent, without suggestion or effort on the part of the Masons, and even in these instances it is highly probable the gift would have been larger had there been such suggestion or effort."

Most Worshipful Dunn, a noted attorney, born in Scotland Neck in 1882, wanted to establish a way whereby gifts could be made by Masons by annual gifts, wills and or planned deferred gifts to a Masonic Endowment whose sole purpose was to accumulate assets for charity. Its major design would be for the annual assistance of Oxford Orphanage (now The Masonic Home for Children in Oxford) and  WhiteStone Home in Greensboro or any charity established by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina. MW Dunn prepared a resolution and presented it to the Grand Lodge on January 16, 1929.

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The Grand Lodge of North Carolina supports the WhiteStone Home (a Masonic and Eastern Star Home Community) in Greensboro, North Carolina. View their website at

The North Carolina Masonic and Eastern Star Home Foundation, LLC was created to provide financial support for members of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina and their qualified relations who are residents or clients of WhiteStone, A Masonic and Eastern Star Community.

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